Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Book Review : 2 States : The story of my marriage :)

Its been long since I wrote something.I have off late been in a wandering thought process.Lots to do where work is concerned but still some thoughts,weaving their tales at the back of my mind.Anticipation,anxiety which doesn't seem to die.Overlapping thoughts which seem so muddled up that one single thought cannot be picked up explicitly.

In this wierd frame of mind,I happened to read the hot favourite '2 States' which has somehow left an influence on every couple dating or non-dating.The reason why this book has done so well is because it has connected with the masses,youngsters and even married couples who recall their days of convincing the girl's side or the boy's mother.Certain parts in the book are so true especially Krish's cousin's marriage in Delhi which is so typically 'Delhi',the line about '3 things what guys live for',Dolly the Delhi girl and the detailed description of her mother and how she flaunts her petrol pumps,the part where Ananya slams Duke of being a looser being one of my favourite parts.

But apart from the amazingly funny one liners and the dry sarcasm to set someone rolling,lies a message which the author says in his subtle way.......that love doesn't lie in the boundaries of religion.It lies in the simple fact that two people who love each other..want to be with each other...and do not know each other as a Hindu or a Christian or a Parsi or a Malyali.When someone makes a friend,he or she makes a friend for the soul reason that they connect with each other,can share everything with each other like no one else.So why not the same while choosing a partner?Why are we bounded in these chains which hold value only on a spirtual level.

Its not stars,horoscopes,color and race but interests,feelings and attachments which should matter more in today's world.Where the divorce rates seem to peak higher and higher,people have lost the connection with their loved ones for the very sad reason that they never connected,even though their horoscopes were a perfect match.

This book is more importantly written for the parents of our country rather than the children to tell them that we don't want to go against you and do something but rather convince you so that you too will add to this happiness......The reason being that 'We love You'.

Now lemme be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Chetan Bhagat! I didn't like 3 mistakes at all...reading 3 mistakes was one of the many mistakes of my life :P I liked fps though....But this one is worth a look :)


Abhishek_Anand said...
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Abhishek_Anand said...

Will u give me a free copy of your first novel. pls :)

Fortunately i have read this book and so read the review keenly. U are true in saying that its the connectivity with the masses which has made this or rather chetan bhagat so famous.
But i slightly disagree with you regarding 3 mistakes even though it may not be the best but was certainly not the worst.

Although i did saw all your articles/poems but cudnt dare to go through them. They seemed too philosophical (or may be not).
Next time whenever you write anything new do update me about it And all the very best for your first novel:) .