Saturday, February 21, 2009

Birthday Surprises!!

Here arrives a delayed post about “America Appalamma”. It’s her birthday…And this is her present!!

Appalamma is 23 now…A girl who has transformed into a beautiful , confident woman, who brings a huge smile on your face, brightens up your day, lightens your heart!!
Now you people might be wondering why did I call this woman “America Appalamma”. That’s how she is universally referred to as. Boy! Does she look like a girl born and brought up in the U.S of A?? I don’t think so…This salwar-kameez clad babe is way too Indian. Shows how rich her culture is. A traditional telugu pilla.

Pranava Akka (as I call her) is one of the most unassumingly witty and deceptively intelligent people I have ever come across. Fun, spontaneous and highly emotional, the girl loves to do everything. Sing, dance, sprint up the success ladder, party hard, and know what? She is awesome at almost everything she does! It’s her wonderful, almost wild way to meet life head-on that makes her such a captivating person!

Quite nonchalant about everything that doesn’t immediately concern her,You either love her, or you be friends with her...but u simply cant hate her! The only negative aspect I can think about her is the fact that the girl puts emotions before logic, almost always! But she is your friend for life, and babe, I am extremely lucky to have you around! And oh before i forget ...she is drop dead gorgeous!...luv ya

“PRANAVA” its really difficult to describe my relationship with my sis because I believe its so rare and unique... She really is a rare find. A gift to me from the Lord. Temperamental yet stable, my sis always has her feet on the ground..even with all her achievement she never gloats about anything. Humility is her best quality...Her bubbly charm can liven up your day.. The last few months have been the best since I get to chat with her regularly. We never lost that "sisy" touch...and I promise you..We never will...

Marriage has always been a hot topic of discussion in our “girly-sisy” chit-chats. Akka is a lucky girl. She is all set to marry the man of her dreams. I am so happy for her. I know they’ll make an awesome couple. May God bless them with wonderful lives!!

Akka is a lady who uses her head and heart judiciously and with fantastic amount of harmony by way of being extremely objective ,rational, analytical and logical and is also emotionally strong, reasonably sensitive and proportionately sentimental. She under no circumstances can be dislodged from this balance she has acquired through her conviction and steadfast resolve .Akka’s commitment to her career and vocation is commendable and exemplary where in she doesn't let setbacks and shortcomings of any nature affect her momentum and create insurmountable stumbling blocks, her determination and resilience ensures she overcomes all odds and emerges triumphant.

Akka is a patient listener, empathetic friend and sagacious companion, her advice and suggestions always prove to be efficacious and profound. Akka’s level of maturity is just splendid her insight into niceties of life and relationships has undertones of a seasoned counselor. Akka is bluntness personified calls a spade a spade.

Happy Birthday, Akka!! Love you!!