Monday, April 20, 2009

Thank you for everything!

Answer one question to yourself truthfully. How many of you, at this moment feel that everything is right with your life? Do you feel that life has been fair to you? Do you think that God has been kind to you? Do you feel that you are very lucky?

I guarantee you that if hundred people read this blog (hypothetically), then only five or six would answer yes to the above questions. We all feel that at some level, we deserved to have achieved more than what we have but couldn’t because of too much stress, too much work, thankless bosses, bad office, friends who don’t understand us, parents who expect too much etc etc. Despite of our innumerable talents we haven’t been provided enough. In Murphy, we all trust. Something or the other goes wrong with our life.

We all are human and it is only human to feel all this. Most of us never have even considered that what we have is more than enough to achieve our dreams if we care to believe and do it. Most of us have never made full use of our opportunities.

Well, next time you feel that life has been unfair why don’t you look at that innocent beggar child. What has he or she done except tug at your sleeve Why does he get that look of disgust from you? Or does he get a look from you at all? Or what has that child who sells you something done except disturb you from that all important newspaper article you were reading? Stupid kid, can’t even understand that your paper is running away. I am not saying you give them money, because he/she will probably blow it on drugs. He may be fully under the spell of drugs without knowing how harmful it is! Compare yourself to the kid and then say you are unlucky. You have been lucky to have parents, to have an education so that now you can read this and wonder!

Yup, I was lucky as a kid, but adulthood sucks! Is that what you are thinking? There is an acute lack of opportunity now, your boss sucks, your life sucks.

I had read a book about German concentration camps or the Holocaust five years ago. That book had such a profound impact on me, I still shudder when I think about it. Ordinary men, women and children were subjected to such horrendous atrocities, only because they were Jewish. We cannot even think of understanding what it must have been like to be separated from your whole family, knowing that you may never see them again, that they will be brutally tortured, maybe even be burnt alive. People were herded up like cattle and brutally beaten up. They were given only one flimsy garment to wear in that biting cold. Some of their insides were burnt up with harsh acids in the name of medical experiments. Can you imagine what it must have been like to be so used to starving, that the moment you have one square meal, you die of overeating. What it is like to be a small child of seven and not know what the taste sweet is like?

After I read that book I thanked God for all I have. I have everything. I have a loving family and friends and all the opportunities in the whole world. I know I have lost some loved ones, due to lack of time or distance or death but they all have had fulfilling lives and I cherish whatever memories I have with them. May all of them be happy, wherever they are.

We all complain too much. We give flimsy excuses like too much work, too much sorrow, I am too good for this etc etc. Have we ever thought that if there are Holocaust survivors who live to tell their tale, we can move mountains with what we have?

Authors Note:
Yup, this is still me writing and there is nothing wrong with me. My exams are up and I have noticed that my whole team and college tends to complain at a time like this. So, I got thinking and I wrote this. Oh, and please comment. And sorry if I was too preachy. Old habits die hard ;)

Things I love :)

It's exam time. My next exam is due another week because of elections. So, I am here. I am glad to tell you people that for a change I did well in all the exams till now. I hope to get good marks and will be thoroughly dissapointed if I don't fare well. Oh yeah!! The regular piece of shit, I know!!

It's been ages since I posted! Well, I feel nobody cares. I am not that creative. But still...When I jot down something, it's not that bad. It's worth a second look. If there are any silent admirers of my work there, I dedicate this to them. Have you seen Julie Andrews' "The Sound of Music"? There is a song in this musical...."These are the few of my favorite things". This piece is inspired from that song. I wish to add another line to the list. I love it when someone leaves a review. I've always supported healthy criticism. I don't mind being ridiculed if I've gone wrong somewhere. Now that was very rude. Yet again "my inner Bellatrix" (Thanx Sophie ;-)) wanted to come to surface and I gave her this chance. I know you people are silent admirers. I don't mind. I'm not forcing anyone to leave comments. I "know" you people read and follow this blog.

The smile of a child,
Flowers that grow wild,
A moonlit starry night,
The first ray of light,
The smell of the first rain,
The friends I gain,
A favourite song after a long time,
The melody of a wind chime,
Junk food in my favourite shop,
Seeing kids play, skip and hop,
Winning some silly contest,
Seeing the smile on Mom’s face,
Bugging someone all night,
Playing pranks all the while,
Sleeping in class and not getting caught,
When people like the gift I brought,
Laughing like all the joys are mine,
Talking till I lose track of time,
Being told that I love you,
Knowing that sorrows are few
Holding your hand and sitting just quiet,
Seeing a really beautiful sight,
Hearing that there is a holiday,
Knowing that things will go your way
Happy memories that make me smile,
All the people who are worthwhile
Someone did say it right,
Best things in life don’t cost a pie!

So....How was it? Like it? Hate it? No problem....Just tell me!! I would love it. You would indeed make my day :)