Sunday, November 16, 2008

My diary...My guru....My best friend...My support system...The sidekick in MY

This post is about my personal diary!! Usually people buy diarys when they are old enough to understand its importance, I am an exception. God made my diary. That too 7 years before my birth. Insidentally I share my birthday with my diary. My diary was born on 20 september, 1984 while I was born on 20 september 1991 (hehe...I couldn't resist mentioning that). My diary has got a name (well many names). You can call it Surya, Kiran, Baccha, Keediya, Sweety, Babu, Orey Kiran Babu and what not!! But for me he is ANNA!! My anna!! I am there because of him...I owe him my existence. What would I do without him?? I am really lucky to have him. I know I have this bad habit of taking him for granted, but I can't help it, coz he pampers me like hell. We have excellent compatibilty...apart from the pillow fights (I think thats the case with all siblings ;)) But this does not mean we are alike. We have hell lot of difference...Physically, Emotionally, Intellectually and in everyway!! He is very smart, but he loves his dumb sister like crazy, trust me!! He would never accept this though :)
Even as I write this, my mind has countless thoughts. For once, I want to write about something, or to be more precise, about someone. It is so weird you know, all my previous posts have a common factor : I never had any thoughts in mind when i set out writing. Thoughts just kept coming and I kept on keying them in. But today, it's different. I know what I want to write about. I have so many thoughts in my mind. Yet here I am, totally confused!! Irony is that the person I want to write about many times said "I don't want a confused girl for a sister" and I assured hin I am no way anywhere near being confused. Now, look at me!! Life is so funny, really!That's what happens when you are very very happy I guess. That you fall short of words. I have always believed in one thing: things that are more precious to you, you should never attempt to describe them or what they mean to you. Because describing them will limit their meaning to that description while, in reality, it is actually far more than what words can explain. Because that preciousness is felt by us after all; and there is reason why they call it "feeling"! Something that can only be "felt". Something that is not in grasp of words, so that they could be explained by individuals!!My brother had called me up this morning. Fine, I was very excited. I know it isn't the first time I am speaking to him or anything (secretly I love his voice, though I'll never accept this in front of him). I revealed my mid-sem marks to instantly notice a HUGE smile break up at the other end of the receiver! Trust me, I could feel it in his voice what a huge smile it was! I spoke to him.. For not more than 2 minutes maybe.. And he told he'll call me later. And the "later" came at 4 in the evening :) Boy, wasn't I waiting!! My friends keep asking me if they'll get any chance to meet my brother...though never in front of him, I praise him a lot, you see!! I ask them to search all around to see who looks like michael schumacher :) Well, he is a very bad match for his look alike, but they have to do with him (he is about F1!! I gave a thought to it...poor kid!! he should be appreciated once a while...F1 is not a bad When I was born, it was like "instant chemistry"! We came, we saw, we became best friends! That's the magic of the special relation we share.
People! Kiran redefines "coolness"..frankly he's THE wierd material (like me) and thats the new "cool"..I tell him absolutely anything n everything. Well.. he is social yet tangled within his own reserved n complicated world, he has a photographic memory of each n every moment yet can be unexpectedly n unimaginably forgetful. Hez stubborn yet adaptable, rude yet breathtakingly funny, hes brutally honest yet an optimist, he can be sarcastic yet bubbly, he agrees with watever u say but his values are absolutely unshakeable, he can be loyal yet rebellious, its all this unique n magnetic personality n his contradictory nature that attract you and make you wonder "what the hell is in his mind". When hes talking you would seriously lose track of time but when hes not its like the silence is literally deafening you. whatever I have learnt from him has made me a better person n a better BEST FRIEND n a better SISTER (may be)..I hope he never changes...Though I can do with a little more respect...haha...
But like I said, I dont want to attempt to describe how wonderful a human being he is.. All I can say is he is a 10 on 10 when it comes to his compatibility with me ;) Life seems sweeter than dreams when he is around... And I want this to never ever come to an end!

Monday, November 3, 2008

I am head over heels for this guy :P

I know him for the past 2 and half years. Initially it was nothing special. We saw each other about once a fortnight- depending on how busy my academics were. Back then, he was not the type who would sweep me off my feet. He looked really boring. He wasnt matured enough. He didnt have much to offer me. The smartness in me which makes guest appearances every now and then woke up and told me, "Dont let go of him, he has potential". I listened to my inner voice. Things started brightening up. I slowly started seeing potential. He started looking more interesting. He was getting matured by the day. His expressions looked more inviting. My satisfaction index went up north. Within no time, he became important in every aspect of my life. I must admit, I got addicted to him. Like every other love story - we graduated from being strangers to acquaintances to friends to best friends - at an amazing pace!. Today, I am in complete love of him. I have to see him, the moment I come home. He gets along so well with my friends and family. Just the way - I want him to be. He amazes me with all that he can offer me and I know he has loads more to offer. He has had a great impact on my education and my career. He has helped me in every step of my life ever since I have known him. Its hard to imagine my life without him. What would I do without him?! I would be so lost and lonely. I know that I often take him for granted. So, here I express my heartfelt gratitude for all that you have done to me! Thank you very much Internet - my special friend.
I bet most of you were taking it to be a guy for whom this 17 year old has fallen!! But, the internet is my guy, boyfriend, love interest as of now!!