Thursday, October 23, 2008

The sleeping poet (I am no beauty anyway)...Awaken unexpectedly at school...not by a prince :(

Hello readers (if anyone is reading this bull-shit...Oops I am so sorry about the language....I never meant it...Actually, it was a publicity gimmick...I have learnt a lot from the page 3 and bollywood hotties....A proof....Try this...Speak something bad...You'll be in the limelight)
Here I paste the earliest of my literary works :P
I know I am a horrible writer…Don’t sue me if someone hangs himself unable to read this rubbish! People are asked to read AT THEIR OWN RISK!!!! Oh yeah!
Anyways…Getting back to the point…Lemme tell you about this poem…This is where all it started..We had CCA periods…One fine day there was this open to all competition which was compulsory for one and all…It was a poetry competition…It was an on the spot kinda thing….The topic given was “An unforgettable moment in your life” (I was 10 then…and I had seen a hell lot of life :P) My mind immediately located the unfortunate Mumbai adieu …And then all I did was just pick a pen…The pen did all the work by itself…I finished in about 10 minutes….I read, re-read, re-re-read the poem…And all of a sudden I had butterflies in my was impressive…seeing through the eyes of a ten year old…I then copied it out and showed it to my mum….She adored it…To my surprise and horror, the results were declared the following week and I won the first prize!!! YAY!!!!
So here comes the poem (Remember…This poem is the PRIVATE property of the 10 year old Sindhu Saripella… )
The Day I Was Leaving!!!
The day I was leaving,
I was really weeping,
My mother gave me my favourite dish bread-roll,
Yet I was unable to control,
I had to leave my best friends,
With a heavy heart and my heart bent,
This was the unforgettable moment of my life,
When I wished to cut my head with knife,
The moment of adieu,
The mist of tears completely blocked my view,
My friends were giving me one last hugs,
And then came this plump little bug,
It said, “Don’t you cry! My sweet angel,
We’ll find a way through this battle”.
With a twinkle in my eyes I tried to smile,
Which spread a whole mile!

So…How was it? Liked it? You have to…There is no choice...You have to :D
Author's personal note :
The last two lines were inspired from the following quote :
“Smile a while, while you smile, your smile spreads mile to mile” :D

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I am a Mumbaikar...Are you?

You know you are a Mumbaikar when...
1. You travel with 100 people in a small area (local train) and you think you are lucky to be there.
2. If any stranger talks to you, you wonder what’s wrong with them and what they want and start looking after your stuff as if they want to steal it.
3. You are shocked if anyone wants to do a favour to you and you wonder what they want.
4. You address everyone as ‘tu’, and no one seems to mind. (except non-Mumbaikars)
5. You have your own unique lingo consisting of words like ‘fati hai’, ‘vaat hai’, ‘baji hai’, ‘apun’, ‘lukha’ which people elsewhere find hilarious and soooooo grammatically wrong.
6. You are always in a hurry.
7. You love eating vada pav, pav bhaji, bhel puri, sev puri, gola by the roadside and surprisingly never fall ill.
8. If a TV actor or a small time film actor passes by, you won’t even look twice, it’s against your prestige.
9. You have more malls than parks in your neighbourhood.
10. Your small 3 room house costs more than bungalows elsewhere in the country.
11. You have a never say die attitude and are not worried of anything despite terrorists, bomb blasts and everything else the city has faced.
12. You love the city and think its the best place in the world.

This is all about ME!!!

“There is neither happiness nor misery in the world; there is only the comparison of one state with another, nothing more. He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience supreme happiness.”- ( The Count Of Monte Cristo)
I have seen people say "no randoms allowed" on orkut!!!..Let me be honest I AM RANDOM.. but in a decent and a respectful way ..thankyou very much..I can be very random because sometimes I actually DO say what is on my mind...a person full of purposeI AM quiet from outside (when it comes to feelings)...INSIDE its a mad world..very noisy..haha love signature style is RANDOMNESS..yeah you see this style is very risky to pursue and master because you can get a bruised face or a sore shoulder or a broken toe nail in returntalk about taking risks.. I can either be a very cautious person or unimaginably risky...I have been tagged "eccentric" quite a number of times because of having a passion for collecting rings and earrings that apparently look like spiders or ice-cream cones..I invent words and tend to forget them...I love Harry Potter series…it indeed completes my life..Rings drive me crazy..especially massive ones with some "out-of-the-world" funky looking ornamentation..I put glue on my hands just to have a memorable time peeling it off..Love bubble paper...yeah.Another reason why people give me weird looks is coz I love burnt olives...I am obsessed with the left side of my body...I have an irrational fear of insects...I find it hard to breathe in front of them...too scared to mention which ones in particular...I tend to be flexible outside but actually hardheaded inside... my mind oscillates between the maturity of a 5 year old and a 30 year old depending on the situaton..I guess thats the thing with any teenager?! I dream a lot and most of my dreams have intricate details...WELL that reminds me ..I am a person obsessed with intricacy, intimacy, intensity, individuality, ingenuity and intellectualitythe kind of a person who has an allergic reaction to injustice, inanity, inconsiderate / insensitive (people) , indecency, indecisiveness- although I myself have sometimes violated these rules n morals..I tend to follow them more...I am a right brained person..which probably explains my unusual connection with the left side of myself..Extrovert you might call me..but I am a dangerous one because when i burst its like a water pipe is my religion...instrumental music or music with minimum lyrics holds deeper meaning according to me...I usually dont find anything life its either something is morally wrong or right...simplest gestures of gentleness can make me really friends and good books are important to me...I fear big fights and violence..i am a "hydrophillic" creature..exception- cold rains...Winter person, nocturnal..dry flowers are absolutely gorgeous...I love colours black, sea-blue, sea-green and white, and all shades of brown.i believe in wearing the same comfortable clothes than wearing something that you are not really comfortable with but looks suggestive n impressive...I like soccer because of its unique spirit, skill, strategy and the style also not to mention the massive green grounds which make me really crazystrong believer of the power of our subconscious mind.. highly ambitious..friends out there...I am basically on a high today because writing about me is not on my list of the things that I usually I shall stop here
P.S My best friends are true gems...they make me stronger