Friday, July 31, 2009

To All My Friends...

Sometimes it happens in life,
That the world feels dark and dreary,
When all the paths feel lonely,
When everything goes cold and scary...

When uncertainty fills your heart,
When you feel really low,
Just think of me my dear friend
I will be there for you!

Bring a little smile on your face,
Because worrying is of no use
It is ok if the fight is gone,
The war my friend we won’t lose.

We will achieve success in life,
We will fly really high
We will touch such heights
We will leave behind the sky!

There is no other way life can go,
Our success dear friends is inevitable,
We shall conquer the world one day
For we truly are capable!

Let us give it all my friends,
And achieve our goals in life,
Let us always be happy,
No matter what the strife!

Authors Note:

Dedicated to all my worried friends


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

We know you! You will stand for your friends, come what may! Like Harry Potter you have the ability to love ;)