Friday, July 31, 2009

Valentine's Day Proposal from a five year old

Ever since I am in love with you,
You’re in my mind more than Barbie.
While I play with my dolls,
In them, it’s your face I see.

When I play ghar ghar,
I want you to be my husband,
When I pretend to be Barbie,
I want you to be Ken...

I love you more than my last chocolate,
I love you more than ice cream
Swinging with you in my jhula,
Is my only dream...

So, will you come and
Share your last chocolate with me...
I will wait for you till dark,
Coz after that, Mom says home I have to be...

PS: Valentine’s day always talks about love between two grown I having no work wondered how would a kid talk about love...and posted this...hope u like it :)

Author's note :
It's been pretty long since I blogged. Been too busy doing nothing, I guess ;)
Anyways...These are the newest members of my collection of poems (dumb piece of shit, I know!) Thought of sharing it with you people :D


Unknown said...

That was so cute :)
But @ 17 you are still single :P

Unknown said...

great piece of work...
kudos to you sindhu!
great blogging going on!

Unknown said...

Awww, so sweet! She thinks he's her Ken, lol xD

Not a regular girl -- Sindhu said...

@ Sweety!
yup indeed!(almost 18 ;) 9 more days to go...yuhuuu :P ) but who is in hurry? I guess I've got plenty of time...No worries ;)

@ Harshal!
Thank you :) I appreciate the fact that you took time to comment :) It indeed made my day!

@ Sophia!
Its not much when compared to your literary skills :D But yeah! Its passable :) I bet you could not decipher some words...I've used a bit of hindi ( Indian national language) I'm glad you still like it :)